Boat TLC

I mentioned in my last post that I was hoping to get Carl Douglas boat that I’m using resprayed. Well, it’s there. Much improved from what was a boat with peeling lacquer and many scratches from the hardships of being a demo boat! Here’s a couple of photos to show what went on.


Scraping off the original coating.


Coating with epoxy



There’s quite a bit of time involved in a respray like this. The boat has to have the original lacquer scraped off and then sanded smooth. Then a coat (or two) of epoxy is applied to fill and seal the wood. Then it’s sanded back smooth again. Then the boat is given a couple of coats of lacquer. And finally (in the ideal world with lots of time), the whole thing is wet-sanded and polished.

In short, lots of hard work! But hopefully it’ll make me go faster at trials next week :)

In other news, I made a lid for a missing one on my landlord’s coffee grinder.


3D Printed Lid

And made a nice prawn curry…

And now off to bed!

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